A nurse in blue scrubs sitting at a table with a cup and a paper.

Can a Nurse Work in Any State?

ByOlivia Williams641 views11 min read

Yes, you can work in any state. However, each state has its own nursing licensure requirements, which means you will…

A girl is sitting at a desk with a hard book open in front of her.

Is Medical Terminology Hard?

ByJennifer Richmond481 views8 min read

Medical terminology is a crucial component of the healthcare industry. It consists of a specialized language used by healthcare professionals…

A nursing female student volunteering for several hours walking in a hallway.

Do You Need Volunteer Hours for Nursing School?

ByJennifer Richmond515 views9 min read

Volunteering can be a valuable addition to your nursing school application. Although not always a strict requirement, many programs view…

A nurse is sitting in front of a computer, fully engaged in her work.

How Do Nurses Work 24-Hour Shifts?

BySandra Smith535 views8 min read

Working 24-hour shifts as a nurse can be challenging, but with proper preparation and coping mechanisms, it is possible to…

A nurse and a paramedic nurse wearing scrubs and standing in a hallway at the same time.

Can You Be a Nurse and a Paramedic at the Same Time?

ByOlivia Grant560 views10 min read

Yes, you can be both a nurse and a paramedic at the same time. Being a nurse and a paramedic…