Interpersonal Challenges

Two women standing next to each other on a dirt road, questioning the animosity between staff nurses and travel nurses.

Why Do Staff Nurses Hate Travel Nurses?

Staff nurses may harbor negative feelings towards travel nurses due to several factors including differences in training and experience,…

Sophia Miller6 min read
Two nurses standing next to each other in a hallway.

Why Do Nurses Hate Social Workers?

Nurses do not hate social workers. It is a misconception that arises from misunderstandings and stereotypes. While there may…

Sophia Miller4 min read
A group of female er nurses standing in a hallway.

Why Are ER Nurses So Mean?

In the fast-paced world of emergency rooms, it’s not uncommon to encounter nurses who may appear mean or rude.…

Sophia Miller8 min read
Three cops and a nurse talking to each other in an office while discussing their work and sharing opinions.

Do Doctor/Nurse Date Cops? Why or Why Not?

As a doctor or nurse, it is a personal decision whether to date a cop or not. However, there…

Olivia Williams5 min read
A man and a woman, both wearing white coats, sitting at a table discussing the pros and cons of dating a nurse.

Pros and Cons of Dating a Nurse

Dating a nurse can have its pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at both sides of the…

Sophia Miller7 min read
A nurse interacting with a patient in a professional, empathetic, yet detached manner. The nurse should be demonstrating a compassionate demeanor while maintaining distance. Visual metaphors like a subtle line or a faint barrier could be used to indicate the concept of professional boundaries.

10 Ways to Maintain Professional Boundaries in Nursing

As a nurse, you hold a vital role in providing compassionate care and support to your patients. Establishing and…

Sophia Miller14 min read