Job Satisfaction

A wicker basket filled with fruit, cookies and crackers to be included in a Nurse Thank You Basket.

What You Should Put in a Nurse Thank…

A nurse thank you basket is a perfect gift to show appreciation for the hard work and dedication of…

Sophia Miller6 min read
A nurse and a doctors, carefully donning their white coats and stethoscopes, stand side by side in a bustling hospital.

Do Nurses Make More Money Than Doctors?

In terms of earning potential, doctors generally make more money than nurses. However, the difference in salary is not…

Nurses holding a gift certificate in front of a Christmas tree.

Do Nurses Get Christmas Bonuses?

As a nurse, the likelihood of receiving a Christmas bonus depends on several factors such as your employer’s bonus…

Sophia Miller9 min read
A nurse is holding up a check in an office, wondering how often nurses get paid.

How Often Do Nurses Get Paid?

As a nurse, your pay frequency can vary depending on your employer and the type of job you have.…

Olivia Williams9 min read
A woman in a green shirt standing next to a sunflower.

Do School Nurses Work in the Summer?

Yes, school nurses may work in the summer, although their schedules may differ from the regular school year. Let’s…

Olivia Williams7 min read
Two nurses in scrubs negotiating travel nurse pay using a tablet computer.

Can You Negotiate Your Travel Nurse Pay?

Yes, you can negotiate your travel nurse pay. Negotiation is an important aspect of any job, and as a…

Sophia Miller9 min read