A group of women in blue scrubs celebrating Nephrology Nurses Week.

When is Nephrology Nurses Week?

Nephrology Nurses Week is typically observed during the second week of September. It is a dedicated time to honor and appreciate the hard work and contributions of nephrology nurses. This year, Nephrology Nurses Week will be celebrated from September 8-14, 2024.

The Official Date

The official date for Nephrology Nurses Week is set by the American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA). ANNA designates the second week of September each year to honor nephrology nurses and raise awareness about their specialized field.

The Reason for this Specific Date

The second week of September was chosen as Nephrology Nurses Week to coincide with the celebration of World Kidney Day, which falls on the second Thursday of March. By having Nephrology Nurses Week six months after World Kidney Day, it ensures a continuous focus on kidney health throughout the year. This alignment also provides an opportunity to collaborate and raise awareness about kidney diseases collectively.

How Nephrology Nurses Week is Celebrated

Activities during Nephrology Nurses Week

Nephrology Nurses Week is celebrated in various ways to honor and recognize nephrology nurses. Some common activities include:

  • Awards and Recognition: Healthcare organizations may present awards and recognition to outstanding nephrology nurses for their exceptional contributions and dedication.
  • Continuing Education: Webinars, workshops, and conferences are held to provide educational opportunities for nephrology nurses to enhance their skills and stay updated with the latest advancements in the field.
  • Appreciation Events: Hospitals and healthcare facilities organize special events and social gatherings to express gratitude towards nephrology nurses for their hard work and dedication.

How to Participate in Nephrology Nurses Week

If you want to participate in Nephrology Nurses Week and show your support, consider these ideas:

  1. Spread Awareness: Share information about Nephrology Nurses Week on social media platforms, using hashtags like #NephrologyNursesWeek and #KidneyHealth to spread awareness about the important role of nephrology nurses.
  2. Thank a Nephrology Nurse: Take the time to personally thank a nephrology nurse for their dedication and care. Write a note or send a small token of appreciation to show your gratitude.
  3. Attend Education Sessions: If there are any educational sessions or webinars organized during Nephrology Nurses Week, consider attending to learn more about kidney health and the work of nephrology nurses.
  4. Volunteer: Reach out to local nephrology clinics or hospitals and inquire about volunteer opportunities during Nephrology Nurses Week. You can offer your assistance in organizing events or supporting nephrology nurses in their daily tasks.

The Impact of Nephrology Nurses Week

Benefits of Celebrating Nephrology Nurses Week

Celebrating Nephrology Nurses Week has several benefits:

  • Recognition and Motivation: Nephrology nurses often work in challenging environments. Recognizing their contributions and dedication during Nephrology Nurses Week boosts their morale and motivates them to continue providing excellent care.
  • Increased Awareness: Nephrology Nurses Week raises awareness about kidney diseases and the importance of kidney health. It educates the public on the crucial role nephrology nurses play in providing specialized care to patients with kidney conditions.
  • Professional Development: The educational opportunities provided during Nephrology Nurses Week contribute to the professional development of nephrology nurses. They can enhance their knowledge and skills, ultimately improving patient care.

How Nephrology Nurses Week Raises Awareness

By highlighting the work of nephrology nurses and their specialized care, Nephrology Nurses Week helps educate the public about the importance of early detection, prevention, and proper management of kidney diseases. It also emphasizes the need for support and resources for patients with kidney conditions.

How to Support Nephrology Nurses Week

Ways to Show Support during Nephrology Nurses Week

There are several ways to show support during Nephrology Nurses Week:

  • Advocate for Kidney Health: Use your voice to advocate for kidney health awareness. Share information, resources, and personal stories to educate others about the importance of kidney health and the role of nephrology nurses in providing care.
  • Volunteer: Offer your time and skills to support nephrology nurses during Nephrology Nurses Week. Volunteer at local clinics, hospitals, or organizations that focus on kidney health to assist in raising awareness and supporting patients.
  • Donate: Consider making a donation to organizations dedicated to kidney health and research. Your contribution can support initiatives that improve the lives of patients with kidney diseases and provide resources for nephrology nurses.

How to Promote Nephrology Nurses Week

To promote Nephrology Nurses Week, you can:

  1. Utilize Social Media: Share posts, infographics, and personal stories on social media platforms to raise awareness about Nephrology Nurses Week. Encourage others to join in the celebration and show their support.
  2. Engage with Local Media: Contact local newspapers, radio stations, or television channels to share the importance of Nephrology Nurses Week. Offer to provide interviews or write articles to increase visibility and understanding of nephrology nursing.
  3. Collaborate with Healthcare Organizations: Partner with healthcare organizations, clinics, and hospitals to organize events, workshops, or educational sessions during Nephrology Nurses Week. By working together, you can amplify the impact of the celebration and reach a wider audience.

Let’s show our support for nephrology nurses during Nephrology Nurses Week and throughout the year. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of patients with kidney conditions and promote kidney health for all.


Q: How can I support a loved one with kidney disease during Nephrology Nurses Week?
During Nephrology Nurses Week, you can support a loved one with kidney disease by expressing gratitude for their nephrology nurse and the care they receive. Show empathy and understanding towards their experiences and challenges. Offer to accompany them to appointments or dialysis sessions to provide emotional support. Educate yourself about kidney disease and treatment options to better support and communicate with your loved one.